Cpt Konstantinos Stasinopoulos has been in the shipping field since 1981 with the formation of companies directly or indirectly related with the shipping industry.

CLEMKO SHIP MANAGEMENT S.A. has been established at Piraeus/Greece since 1998, with the purpose of ownership and management of vessels performing worldwide trading in the dry sector.


The start was with second-hand handysize vessels (about 20,000-dwt) trading mainly within Atlantic. Since the foundation, Clemko under the management and sole ownership of Cpt Konstantinos Stasinopoulos, succeeded to built a fleet of more than 7 handysize vessels. In the course of time the fleet capacity increased to about 250,000-dwt by entering also in the segment of handymax sized vessels in 2003, just before the shipping market boomed.

During the flourishing years of the shipping market, Cpt Konstantinos Stasinopoulos grabbed the opportunity to profit and also to renew the fleet by selling the aged handysize vessels. As a result of this fleet-renewal programme the fleet size scaled down and the average age decreased significantly to about 10 years.

In 2010, Cpt Konstantinos Stasinopoulos signed a contract with one of the greatest in quality shipyards, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, for 4 kamsarmax vessels 2 of which were delivered successfully in 2012 to Clemko and the other 2 were sold.

Presently, the Clemko fleet is consisted by 3 vessels, 1 handymax-sized vessel (built 1997 in Japan) counting some 46,000 mts in dwt and 2 newbuilding kamsarmax sized vessels (built 2012 in South Korea) counting some 164,000 mts in dwt. The fleet's trading capacity is about 210,000 mts dwt and the average age of the fleet is 6 years.


Understanding and following the needs and trends of the shipping industry Clemko signed User Agreement with essDOCS which enables Clemko to use Electronic Bills of Ladingupon agreement with ship's Charterers.

Clemko company and vessels are fully ISM fitted and P&I covered by GARD P&I (Bermuda) Ltd whist all vessels' class is the Korean Register of Shipping.

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